Wellness Educator

We are seeking an individual responsible to promote, implement and maintain evidenced based wellness programs.  Work involves wellness education and community programs.

Evidenced Based Wellness Education Programs

  • Develop evidenced based wellness programs defined by the Administration for Community Living
  • Provide coaching, consultation and information to individuals and clients in the LifeStream service area on evidenced based wellness programs
  • Ensure instructors are trained to expand evidence based wellness classes in the LifeStream service area
  • Implement operational plans and policies necessary to achieve evidence based wellness programs

Community Programs

  • Attend wellness related meetings in the LifeStream service area and at State level as assigned
  • Conduct outreach activities for all wellness programs to promote them in the community
  • Implement other wellness initiatives such as flu shot promotion efforts, fall prevention, etc.
  • Coordinate community education and awareness of elder abuse
  • Present wellness education and promotion programs, such as workshops and conferences in the LifeStream service area

Other Education Programs

  • Maintain cooperative working relationships with other entities who offer wellness programs as identified by LifeStream Services, Inc.
  • Complete reports for programs as required
  • Ensure required certifications and/or licensure for these programs are maintained
  • Inventory other evidence-based wellness in service area to compile an annual report
  • Conduct wellness initiatives for staff


Bachelor’s degree in a health or wellness related field, or RN licensure with one year experience in community health programming specific to seniors and/or disabled individuals.

LifeStream Services, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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