LifeStream offering Active Living Every Day classes at Nettle Creek Senior Center

LifeStream Services is offering Active Living Every Day classes at the Nettle Creek Senior Center located at 327 E. Main St. Hagerstown, IN 47346. Classes will begin on Thursday, May 2 at 10:30am to noon and will occur every Thursday for 10 weeks.

Active Living Every Day is an active living class that doesn’t involve exercise. Instead of exercising in class, participants learn how to incorporate being active into their daily lives. The class will discuss how to overcome personal barriers to physical activity, how to set realistic goals, and how to stay motivated. Benefits to taking this course can include increased activity levels, reduced body mass index, improved cardiovascular fitness, and reduced stress and depression.

The $30 fee to participate in the class is covered by Reid Health Community Benefits. Those interested in receiving more information should contact Lori Joseph, RN, LifeStream Wellness Educator, by calling 765-722-4060 or email Learn more about LifeStream’s wellness programs at