LifeStream Receptionist Retires After Nearly 28 Years

Cheryl Wright, LifeStream Receptionist, is retiring after nearly 28 years of employment with the organization. LifeStream Services provides programs and services for people at risk of losing their independence in East Central Indiana. Wright personally takes over one hundred phone calls each day, in which she answers questions and points community members, clients, and potential clients in the right direction to receive the highest level of service.

Wright starting working at LifeStream Services in 1988 as a senior meal delivery driver to homebound clients and eventually found herself in the role of Receptionist. Throughout her 28 years, she has sCheryl Wrighteen many employees and leadership teams come and go, but her dedication to LifeStream never faltered.

“LifeStream is a special place to work due to what we do for all of our clients. I will miss my job and what we do here at LifeStream Services,” Wright said of her experience.

LifeStream’s core values are excellence, compassion, collaboration, and effectiveness. Wright is a prime example of an employee who represents the core values of the organization. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about career opportunities at LifeStream Services please visit or call 765-759-1121.