Nutrition Request for Proposals Accepted until November 13

LifeStream Services is opening its Nutrition Program Request for Proposal for the period of July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2024. Proposals are due on or before November 13, 2019 by 5pm, and should include 8 copies and 1 USB flash drive. Please see the Nutrition Program Bid Specifications for information on the program and what your bid should include.

Questions or comments? Please email Beth Evans, Director of Community Services, at All submissions will be made public and posted to this page.

Question & Answer

  1. Can you please provide the current schedule (delivery window) for the centers in PSA 6 and PSA 9?

Current Schedule

  1. Can you please provide PSA 6 HDM clients by zip code?

Counts by Zip Code

  1. Who owns the central kitchen? If owned by agency, is there a monthly lease?

Central kitchen is owned by the provider

  1. Article 13 talks about the option for a vendor to manage a congregate site – does the current vendor do this now?

The current vendor staffs two locations.

  1. Can you please clarify the ability to use raw protein product (chicken, beef, etc.)?Menu Planning Part 6 (1)  (B) since older adults and people with weakened immune systems are at higher risk for listeriosis, the Food and Drug Administration is advising these individuals not to consume:(i) raw meat or poultry, unheated hot dogs and luncheon meats, cold cuts, fermented and dry sausage, and other deli style meat and poultry products unless these products are reheated until steaming hot.
  2. Thank you for sharing the delivery windows for all sites. Is there flexibility for the sites under PSA 9 that receive the frozen meals?Delivery window can be flexible based on site staffing.
  3. It says that the meals should be between 20 and 35% fat. However, on page 7, section 4 Menus – it says as fat-free as possible. Can we clarify?20 to 35% fat or lower as fat free as possible. 
  4. Is a six week menu cycle required for both congregate and HDM?Yes, 6 week cycle for both programs. 
  5. On page 8, section 5, it says we have to provide therapeutic diets for 2g Na, pureed, and mechanical soft. How many of each diet do you typically serve?We have 4 on the 2gm sodium no others therapeutic at this time
  6. Is the mechanical soft for congregate only?
    Mechanical would be cong or HDM none at this time. 
  7. One pages 33-34 it discusses nutrition screening, education, and counseling activities. Is this something that the nutrition provider is currently doing?
    The nutrition screening is completed by LS currently and consults with RD if necessary
  8. Is this an expectation moving forward for the nutrition provider or is this done at the AAA level?
    At the AAA level, if you have education to share the more we offer clients is a positive. 
  9. Can you please provide current menus for both PSA 6 and 9?
    PSA 6 November Menu & PSA 9 November Menu
  10. Can frozen oliver packaged meals be heated in the nutra system?
    Which nutra system are you referring to?
  11. Home delivered meals, what percentage is delivered hot vs. frozen?
    Currently in psa 9 all hdm meals are delivered to the sites frozen, the sites heat to deliver. In PSA 6 all hdm meals are delivered by the provider in a frozen pack.
  12. Are you able to provide your current weekly usage for all supplies? I have weekly supply order estimates, keep in mind items are also in site inventory:
  • PSA 6:
    • 110 reg coffee bags
    • 50  decaf
    • 12 gal tea
    • 5 gal coffee pots
    • 1280 coffee cups
    • 15 packs 4″plates
    • 5 boxes cutlery kits
    • 100 trash bags
    • 6 boxes of large, med gloves
    • 6 boxes hair nets
    • 3 dish soaps
    • 6 hand soap
    • 200 coffee filters
    • 4 box of rags
    • 15 all purpose disinfectant
    • 16 paper towels
    • 6 pks napkins
    • 8 swabs
    • 8 sani tabs.
  • PSA 9
    • 95 reg coffee bags
    • 20 decaf
    • 4 gal tea
    • 3 gal coffee pots
    • 825 coffee cups
    • 8 pks 4″plates
    • 3 boxes cutlery kits
    • 3 boxes of large, med gloves
    • 3 boxes hair nets
    • 2 dish soap
    • 4 hand soap
    • 150 coffee filters
    • 2 box of rag
    • 6 all purpose disinfectant
    • 8 paper towels
    • 2 packs napkins
    • 4 swabs
    • 4 santi tabs